Authentic Chicago Taste
Real Vienna® Beef

From Chicago Style Hot Dogs and Italian Beef to Polish Sausages and our new Smash Burgers, you can get that great Chicago taste right here in Holmen, Wisconsin, at The MOB Stop.

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It Has To Be Real Vienna Beef!

Since 2013, The MOB Stop team has worked closely with the amazing folks at Vienna Beef to give you the ultimate Chicago dining experience in your own backyard here in Holmen, WI.

From the official colors of Vienna Beef covering our walls to a full lineup of their signature encased meats. This is what pride and dedication to the classic Chicago Hot Dog Stand look like. If you’re gonna do it, do it right.

All of your Chicago and Vienna Beef favorites are ready to be enjoyed for lunch and dinner. Swing by The MOB Stop, the most knowledgeable and authentic Chicago style dining destination in the Coulee Region. We’re open 11am-7pm, Wednesday – Sunday.

Delicious Street Eats at the Mob Stop

The MOB Stop - Delicious Chicago dog

Classic Dogs

Plain Hot Dog


Chicago Dog

Mustard, onions, relish, pickle, tomato, sport pepper, and celery salt.

Chili Cheese Dog

Chili, cheese, mustard, and onions.

Polish Sausage 1/5lb

Mustard, onion, and relish.

Maxwell Street Polish 1/4lb

Mustard, grilled onions, and sport peppers.

Italian Sausage

Marinara, sweet peppers, and hot peppers.

Entrees include free French fries.

Beefy Boys

Italian Beef

Sweet peppers or hot peppers - dry, wet, or dipped.

Beef & Sausage Combo

Marinara, sweet peppers, and hot peppers – dry, wet, or dipped.

Ditka 1/3lb Spicy Polish

Mustard, grilled onions, and sport peppers.

Smash Burger




Entrees include free French fries.

The MOB Stop - Delicious shredded beef in hotdog bun
The Mob Stop


French Fries


Chili Cheese French Fries


Cheese Curds

Buttermilk, Jalapeño, or Garlic.

Pizza Puffs



Mama’s Chicken Noodle, Northwood Chili, and Soup of the Day
Storefront of The MOB Stop in Holmen, Wisconsin

Find The Mob Stop

No need to fight the traffic and search for a parking spot, The Mob Stop has it all! Located in the Old Town Center, we have parking, drive-thru, and indoor seating (currently closed).

So swing on by and enjoy our lineup of authentic Chicago street eats.

Wednesday - Sunday 11am-7pm (Lobby Closed | Drive-Thru Open)